Javi Granados || CW



Javi Granados || CW



The Call

for Hyundai

You might not be entirely familiar with his name, but surely you’ve been inside one of the cars he designed.

Let me introduce you the man: his name is Peter Schreyer, and he’s one of the most influential car designers of our time. He loves Dadaism, loves Jazz, always wears black – and a little-known fact – excels at baking a Käsekuchen. With raisins, of course.

When the time came to celebrate his impressive career, we got inspired by Baldessari, wrote a short film, tapped Johan Kramer, and drove Peter to the spot where he got the call.
Buckle up, it’s about to get Dada.

Agency: Innocean Berlin
Role: Concept, Screenwriting & Copywriting

“You might expect, from its opening seconds, that The Call will be a cerebral and, let’s face it, slightly boring exploration of an innovator, but instead it is a joyously and innovative film.”

– Shots

“The most crucial word in this whole process was the word Dada, which means trying to find something new. From client to agency to director to editor to sound-designer, we managed to create a short film that is different and meaningful.”

– Johan Kramer


Chief Executive Officer – Gabriel Mattar
Executive Creative Director – Ricardo Wolff
Creative Director – Shelley Lui
Head of Production – Fabian Barz
Business Director – Björn Wilke
Jr Copywriter – Javier Granados
Jr Copywriter – Giovanna Pereira
Jr Art Director – Seine Kongruangkit

Director – Johan Kramer
Producer – Jürgen Joppen
Producer – Klaus Charbonnier
Producer – Lisa Mehling
Producer – Stephan Vens
Colour Grading – Delfina Mayer
Editor & Special Effects – Camille Boumans
Graphic Design & Animations – From Form