Javi Granados || CW



Javi Granados || CW



Technology That Moves You

for Kia

A tough nut to crack.
The task was to sell Kia’s technology.
We had many rounds on this one and expectations were high. Like ‘Clowns’ from Audi, high.

Until we came up with a proper human truth for the brand. A dichotomy. Have you noticed that most technology keeps you still, grounded in the same place? Well, Kia’s tech is designed to keep you moving, to get you out there.

After that, all the right pieces fell into place. The craftsman Dante Ariola, the eagle-eye Kasper Tuxen, and the right song. Like a hand in a glove.

Agency: Innocean Berlin
Role: Concept, Screenwriting & Copywriting

“Director Dante Ariola offers beguiling shots of a world frozen in time. Movement comes courtesy of the brand’s range of electric vehicles, so anyone who prefers not to be stuck in a ‘The Worst Person in the World’ pose, best nip to their local Kia showroom.”

– David Reviews

“The best TVC I saw within the last 10 years here at Kia.”

– Client mail

To bring this visual metaphor to life, Dante Ariola relied mostly on in-camera effects, enhanced on post by Katalyst.

– LBB Online


Chief Creative Officer – Gabriel Mattar
Executive Creative Director – Ricardo Wolff
Creative Director – José Filipe Gomes
Creative Director – Pedro Lourenço
Associate Creative Director – Anna Berlin
Account Director – Magda Niechwiej
Strategy Director – Jörn Ballentin
Copywriter – Andy King
Art Director – Ailton Henriques
Art Director – Bianca Heusch
Jr Copywriter – Javier Granados
Jr Art Director – Leon Celay

Art Director – Meri Giorgobiani
Copywriter – Manuela Rondón
Strategist – Odile Breffa
Designer – Julia Sachse
Account Manager – Min Kyung Park
Producer – Michael Endres
Director – Dante Ariola
Director of Photography – Kasper Tuxen
Producer – Florian van der Heydt
Photographer – Natalie Hill
Post Production / VFX – Katalyst
Director’s REP – MJZ
Music – Hozier