Javi Granados || CW



Javi Granados || CW



Daydreamer by night.

Nightcrawler by day.

I’m a curious man, always asking questions.
Who’s reading this?
Will I ever have an assistant named Bruce?
Do androids actually dream of electric sheep? Probably.

If you’re here, my guess is you’re looking for something special. Like when John met Paul and George, and Ringo came along.

Oh and I’m always busy, you can ask Bruce.

Let’s start a fire

Some facts

I was born in Colombia, did a little Baywatch in the States, studied in London for a semester. Then Berlin rang.

Performed stand-up twice – killed it the first time with self-deprecating humour. Bombed the second with self-deprecating jokes.

I’m a human IMDb. Sort of.

I only won one raffle when I was 8. With the number 8.
Since then, it’s my lucky number.

I can’t wink with my right eye.

I enjoy the little things.
Like a good joke.
Vanilla ice cream.
A glass of water.
The number 8.
Mr Robot.
The restaurant scene of Goodfellas.
Banana with cereal, and milk.

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Awards & Recognitions

Cannes Lions

Bronze Lion – Digital Craft
Shortlist – Design
Shortlist – Digital Craft
Shortlist – Brand Experience & Activation
Shortlist – Mobile


Top 50 Copywriters 2022
Yellow Pencil – Culture / Entertainment
Wood Pencil – Design
Wood Pencil – Experiential
Wood Pencil – Digital Design
Wood Pencil – New Blood 
Shortlist – Digital

The One Show

Merit – Interactive
Merit – Film
Merit – Design
Merit – Fusion Pencil
Merit – Experiential & Immersive
Merit – Direct Marketing
Merit – Branded Entertainment
Merit – Brand Installations
Merit – Mobile Apps
Merit – Digital Installations
Finalist – Film Craft


Silver – Design
Shortlist – Digital Craft
Shortlist – Experience Design

ADC Global

Silver Cube – Interactive
Silver Cube – Design for Good
Bronze Cube – Experiential Design
Bronze Cube – Interactive / UX UI
Shortlist – Experiential Design
Shortlist – Direct
Shortlist – Craft in Video
Shortlist – Branded Content
Shortlist – Craft in Motion

ADC Germany

Silver Nail – Museum/Pavilion
Bronze Nail – Interface Design
Bronze Nail – Interface Design
Merit – Digital Product Services
Merit – Spatial Intervention
Merit – Immersive World
Merit – Content Marketing
Merit – Digital Skills

New York Festival Awards

Finalist – Film Craft
Finalist – Apps and Software

The Webby Awards

People’s voice – Virtual & Remote     
Nominated – Student work

ADC Netherlands

Gold – ADCN Members Award
Silver – Digital
Silver – Film Direction
Silver – Animation & Motion Design
Bronze – Activations & Promotions
Bronze – Experiential

The Lovie Awards

Gold – People’s Lovie Award
Gold – Mobile & Experiential Marketing
Gold – Best Installation or Experience


Gold – Brand Content
Silver – Digital
Silver – Digital Craft
Bronze – Creative Technology
Silver – Brand Experience & Activation
Silver – Film Craft

Miami Ad School

Top Dog – Best Student in the program

Effie Awards Colombia

Gold – Creative Effectiveness
Bronze – Outdoor