Javi Granados || CW



Javi Granados || CW



Daydreamer by night.

Nightcrawler by day.

I’m a curious man, always asking questions.
Who’s reading this?
Will I ever have an assistant named Bruce?
Do androids actually dream of electric sheep? Probably.

If you like what I ask, we’re onto something special. Like when John met Paul and George, and Ringo came along.

Oh and I’m always busy, you can ask Bruce.

Some facts

I was born in Colombia, did a little Baywatch in the States, studied in London for a semester. Then Berlin rang.

Performed stand-up twice – killed it the first time with self-deprecating humour. Bombed the second with self-deprecating jokes.

I’m a human IMDb. Sort of.

I only won one raffle when I was 8. With the number 8.
Since then, it’s my lucky number.

I can’t wink with my right eye.

I enjoy the little things.
Like a good joke.
Vanilla ice cream.
A glass of water.
The number 8.
Mr Robot.
The restaurant scene of Goodfellas.
And banana with cereal.

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Awards & Recognitions

Cannes Lions

Bronze Lion – Digital Craft
Shortlist – Design
Shortlist – Digital Craft
Shortlist – Brand Experience & Activation
Shortlist – Mobile


Top 50 Copywriters 2022
Yellow Pencil – Culture / Entertainment
Wood Pencil – Design
Wood Pencil – Experiential
Wood Pencil – Digital Design
Wood Pencil – New Blood 
Shortlist – Digital

The One Show

Merit – Interactive
Merit – Film
Merit – Design
Merit – Fusion Pencil
Merit – Experiential & Immersive
Merit – Direct Marketing
Merit – Branded Entertainment
Merit – Brand Installations
Merit – Mobile Apps
Merit – Digital Installations
Finalist – Film Craft


Silver – Design
Shortlist – Digital Craft
Shortlist – Experience Design

ADC Global

Silver Cube – Interactive
Silver Cube – Design for Good
Bronze Cube – Experiential Design
Bronze Cube – Interactive / UX UI
Shortlist – Experiential Design
Shortlist – Direct
Shortlist – Craft in Video
Shortlist – Branded Content
Shortlist – Craft in Motion

ADC Germany

Silver Nail – Museum/Pavilion
Bronze Nail – Interface Design
Bronze Nail – Interface Design
Merit – Digital Product Services
Merit – Spatial Intervention
Merit – Immersive World
Merit – Content Marketing
Merit – Digital Skills

New York Festival Awards

Finalist – Film Craft
Finalist – Apps and Software

The Webby Awards

People’s voice – Virtual & Remote     
Nominated – Student work

ADC Netherlands

Gold – ADCN Members Award
Silver – Digital
Silver – Film Direction
Silver – Animation & Motion Design
Bronze – Activations & Promotions
Bronze – Experiential

The Lovie Awards

Gold – People’s Lovie Award
Gold – Mobile & Experiential Marketing
Gold – Best Installation or Experience


Gold – Brand Content
Silver – Digital
Silver – Digital Craft
Bronze – Creative Technology
Silver – Brand Experience & Activation
Silver – Film Craft

Miami Ad School

Top Dog – Best Student in the program

Effie Awards Colombia

Gold – Creative Effectiveness
Bronze – Outdoor